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About Marie

New York City Fitness Coach and Mood-Boosting Champion

New York City
Fitness Coach and

Indoor Cycling


Strength Training

Indoor Cycling


Strength Training

Indoor Cycling


Strength Training

Get Ready to Feel Amazing

Marie Jasmin is an inspirational fitness coach born and raised in the suburbs of New York. She’s a daughter of exquisite Haitian parents, the youngest of her 9 influential siblings, a happy wife to an incredibly supportive husband and a loving cat momma to two adorable, full-of-cattitude furry felines. 

Her methodology when it comes to fitness is all about honoring the body with exercise. As she has experienced, a joyful energetic body becomes the sweet reward. Marie can simply cheer you on and up, with her smile. She is all about positivity, authenticity and actively creating your own body harmony through movement. Marie has a humble approach when it comes to health and fitness. It’s not about being in the spotlight for her but more about sharing her experiences and rewards of exercise. 

“I’ve been on my fitness journey with Marie for over 20 years, and I fully embrace what Marie has been peddling all these years…functional movement is KEY! How does Marie Jasmin make me feel, you ask? Strong and powerful enough to carry and transport 2 cases of water at high noon in 91 degree heat without breaking a sweat!”
Aimee Davis

20+ Years in Fitness

Artist & Illustrator

Lover of Coffee

"As I age, Marie’s expertise and understanding of the issues that affect women are particularly valuable to me. Marie is more than a fitness instructor. She is a teacher in the truest sense of the word. Thanks to Marie, I am able to maintain my strength, balance and resilience mentally, emotionally, as well as physically, especially during a chaotic, global pandemic."
Carol Fong

Feel it.
Own it.
Breathe it.

♡ Marie

Marie's Fitness Journey

Marie began her venture into fitness in her late 20s. She had strong hopes to manage her concerned health issues. Being overweight, having edema in both legs, with occasional leg cramping along with pins and needles in her feet, made her fully aware that she had to create a better lifestyle for herself. An added diagnosis that she had an early onset of an inherited chronic kidney disease known as Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease also made it relevant for her to take action and further care for her body.

Being so determined, she first tested her discipline and took on a mode of aerobic exercise performed on a mini-trampoline, and it was called Urban Rebounding. Marie noted her gains in mood change, followed by weight loss of 26 pounds. She loved how working out was fun yet also physically demanding. As a result she was curious and excited to take on more modalities in strength training, indoor cycling and kettlebell training to keep herself fervently active. The recognition of her moving power, increased pleasant mood and notable growths in strength, endurance and mental clarity had her hooked. She even recovered well and quickly from an L5/S1 Spinal Fusion done in the summer of 2019. Marie is now happily in her 50s and is so eager and determined to remain resilient and live her best life.

Marie believes in paying it forward and leads by example. She will motivate you to be the best in your body. Just call her Coach Marie and she will smile and come alive. She has participated in fitness expos promoting Urban Rebounding, has been a lead cycling instructor multiple times for Cycle For Survival which is a benefit to raise funds to cure all rare cancers, has mentored many that have shared their desires to become fitness instructors, has served as a lead coach multiple times in Equinox’s Training Camp and has shared her inspiration and love for exercise at a supportive women’s community named Rise Gatherings.

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